The most important aspect of any successful website build is the
research, understanding and satisfaction
of your customers
“Search Query”

Understanding your goals and aspirations is the foundation of the your website build.  We carry out detailed keyword research on your potential customer search queries, user demographics and search patterns.  

Our mission is to satisfy this intent within seconds of landing on your website (partially or fully).  Webpages and the customer journey are designed around the satisfaction of the query intent, to give your prospective customers trust and confidence that your company, service or product offered is ideal for their needs

We build in a “call to action” plan across your website based on the designed on the customer journey and aligned with the customer Search Query to maximise your goal achievements, be it;
call, visit, contact, share, hire or buy.

Sell Anything

Products big or small, rooms, tickets, time, distance, reservations, kits and sets, and digital downloads

Customer Journey

Everything we do when building an e-commerce site is designed to make it easy to purchase your products with a maximum checkout value

Simple Maintenance

Add products, update prices and special offers, manage orders, delivery tracking, live stock synchronisation and lots more.


Customers are Informed at every stage of the order process.  Re-marketing to existing customers

Complex Products

Given the data we could specify and sell a Boeing 747.

Training and Support

Ongoing training and support to keep your e-commerce site as profitable as possible with minimum intervention

Orders, Stock and Account Synchronisation

Account Software Integration

Full integration XERO, QuickBooks and CSV export


Link your Amazon and eBay account into one easy to use management system for simple control

Delivery Couriers

Integration of delivery process with all the major carriers  including door to door tracking

Order Status

Complete control of order status and process including past orders history and reports

CRM Integration

All customer records, orders, contacts, website interaction, social interactions created or updated live

Integrated Reviews

Live website update of Google reviews (can be filtered), Checkatrade and Facebook to increase brand trust and awareness

Targeted Messages

Tailored messages to user profiles for the products or service of interest to them

Social Login

Allow customers to log in with existing accounts including Amazon, Facebook and Google

Merchant Accounts

Process online payment through any gateway of your choice

PCI Compliant

No credit card details are stored on your website or server even when “remember me” is used

Cloud Merchants

Cloud merchants offer no setup or monthly fees, with credit card costs from 1.9% per transaction

Remember Me

Allow customers to conveniently save their credit card details, promoting repeat business

Simple and Fast Product Filtering

Quick Product Find

Works equally well for 30 products or 30,000 products for quick selection

Filter Variables

Filter on any variable such as sIze, colour, category, weight with number and price range filters.

Logical Filtering

Adaptive and adoptive filtering for instant results for quick purchase

Instant Results

Display instant result on selection or allow the customer to create complex filtering, easily.

Free, no obligation on-site consultation

E-commerce sites can be complex so it is important to meet our clients in person.  Together we detail your technical specifications and product data.  We can discuss your in house technical capablities and security issues, to gauge the training an ongoing support you may need

a gotyou website

Everything we make is made to make profit

Social Built in as Standard

Advanced product configuration

configure complex products with just a thumb

Sell Kits, Sets and Bundles

Offer complex kits and bundles with step configuration, easily

Stock Control

Complete stock management control across all steps on completion of order


Default filtering within the steps based on earlier selection

Fully Responsive

Works brilliantly on all smartphones types in both portrait and landscape.

Make Deals and Sales

Control price throughout each of the steps with sales offers.

Increased Profitability

Every step can be used to promote the products you wish, with instep offers and special deals

Complex Products

User Experience

Enhanced user experience brings confidence to every purchase as well as brand awareness

Price Calculation

Carry out any maths calculation for an accurate price, dimension or weight


Display your products from every angle with zoom

Product Variations

Quick Product Selection

Visible selection of variable product options for quick selection and purchase.

One Product

Each product can have 100’s of variations for size, colour or any variation with conditional logic

Stock Control

Variations are tracked with individual pictures, prices, stock availability and SKU’s.

Category Listing

Display variation and prices at category level, select from 1000’s of product on one page, easily