Gotyou AFFILIATE scheme for recommending our website, online food ordering system and E COMMERCE services


Please complete the registration form below to be given your affiliate code. 

This code tracks all completed purchases of our services for the payment of £50.00 to you as a referral payment.

Payment can be made to any UK bank account or Paypal address.

It also give the user of the code a £50.00 discount off the price of our services.

You can also send potential customer to a url that tracks your code automatically and applies the discount.

After registration you will be sent your affiliate code and website url to registered email address

Please read the FAQ or call if you have any queries as we see our affiliates scheme as a very important part of our business.


  • This will be come your referral code, followed by two numbers, e.g. ABC12. your own unique code will be sent to you by email. This is also the discount code to send recommendations too, this also trigger your referral payment