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Taxamo and Woocommerce Set Up

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UK-EU Customs and Reliable Delivery  

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Taxamo and Woocommerce

For the reliable delivery of physical goods from the UK to the EU with automated, simple and reliable EU customs declarations.    


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Delivery from UK to EU with automated, simple and reliable VAT Customs Declaration 

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In April 2022 GotYou was asked by Taxamo to become a beta tester for the shortly to be released plugin, API and procedural system for the reliable delivery of physical goods from UK to EU, with correct VAT calculation and associated UK/EU customs paperwork.  In addition with automated set up for API integrations with DPD Couriers (over 100 different couriers)  We off course readily agreed and are now one of few UK based web developers with first hand experience in the correct set up and installation of this system that allows trouble free and admin free delivery to the 27 EU nation states.  Fully EU-UK custom compatibility, it really does work. See one of our clients reviews below.